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Dr. George Blake (1922-2018)


George was one of the original founders of Storytellers of Canada and Durham Storytellers. As a respected storytelling elder, he dedicated his time to researching folklore, reading and writing, listening to music, and playing his djembe drum. George Blake specialized in cultural stories from his African/Caribbean heritage, as well as Jataka Tales (Buddhist legends), based on his studies as a former bhikkhu (Buddhist monk). He also wrote his own stories, and used a combination of Afro-Caribbean drumming and storytelling.


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Marg Kropf

Marg Kropf is an retired bilingual teacher, actor, and storyteller, who tells stories and poems with flair in both English and French. Marg specializes in French Canadian folktales. She has expanded her French language tales to include those of Louisiana.

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Dianne Chandler

Dianne has been weaving words of story magic, myth and mystery for all ages for many years. She performs a repertoire of global folk/fairy literary tales, and special seasonal programs with drama, passion, sensitivity and humour, often in costume.

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Marion Dell

Marian enjoys telling folktales and family stories. She has often told at 1001 Nights of Storytelling in Toronto and has told at many World Storytelling Day events.

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Enid DeCoe


Enid tells with dramatic flair and wonderful expression. Most of her stories are fairy tales and folktales, but she has lots of other stories, that she loves to tell.


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Kesha Christie


Kesha is an animated storyteller who ignites the imagination and carries you on amazing journies from tale to intriguing tale. She tells Anansi stories, African folklore, Aesop Fables, historical and her own original tales.


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Daniel Healy

Daniel Healy taught English Literature for 33 years in Toronto.

An Irish immigrant, he delivers wonderful lilting recitations and loves a good story. He tells personal stories, historical tales, as well as delivers many recitations.

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Heather Whaley

Heather Whaley is an orator who is best known as an animated and musical storyteller singer-songwriter for all ages. She performs both traditional and original stories and songs bringing them to life through her vibrancy and unique voice. Her delightful folk style draws people in to simply enjoy and be with her in the storytelling moment. 

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