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Stories come to life when we tell them. Storytelling is an art

using interactive language, vocalization, song and/or

physical movement to reveal the elements of a story,

while encouraging the listeners’ imaginations. The rhythm

of a story can keep the listeners spellbound, as Storytellers

weave the images and details in an entertaining way,

while often conveying message, truth, or wisdom.

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By collaborating our diverse skills, Durham Storytellers partner with community organizations and perform at a variety of their events.  These organizations provide group remuneration to help support our members’ travel, preparation and participation time.

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Our workshops and courses are designed to help you explore the art of storytelling. Discover the magic and meaning of story and how to present stories to an audience. These workshops and courses are currently on hold; however, we do provide guidance and mentorship to new members.

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Some of our storytellers provide individual storytelling services. Each has his or her own unique style. They set their own fees and shape their programs to your requirements. Please contact them directly for more information.

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