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Micki Beck 
Apsley, ON



Micki is a storytelling elder,

starting her storytelling journey

some 60 years ago. Over the

years, she has worked as an

individual, and in groups through

schools and universities to the

theatre stage and television studio.

Dianne 2.jpg

Dianne Chandler
Port Perry, ON

Dianne has been weaving words of story magic, myth and mystery for all ages for many years. She performs a repertoire of global folk/fairy literary tales, and special seasonal  programs with drama, passion, sensitivity and humour, often in costume.

Doris 2.jpg

Doris Cherkas
Oshawa, ON

Doris specializes in Ukrainian

folktales and personal stories

about being an immigrant in

Canada. She also delights her

audiences with holiday

and special themed stories.

Kesha 3 - cropped.jpg

Kesha Christie
Ajax, ON

Kesha Christie is an animated storyteller who ignites the imaginations and carries you on an amazing journey from Tale to intriguing tale.  She tells Anansi stories, African Folklore, Aesop Fables, Historical and original tales.

Melinda 2 - cropped.PNG

Melinda Crawford
Oshawa, ON

Storytelling is like a blank page, whether capturing a story from pen to paper, or brush to canvas. Melinda enjoys all types of art. Her specialities are painting, writing and storytelling. Melinda loves all types of stories.

Enid DeCoe February 24, 2019 Image 082 8

Enid DeCoe
Courtice, ON

Enid tells with dramatic flair and

wonderful expression. Most of her

stories are fairy tales and folktales,

but she has lots of other stories,

that she loves to tell.

Peter Dowse - cropped.jpg

Peter Dowse
Ajax, ON

Peter is now branching out, using his

speaking skills from Toastmasters and

applying them to his new passion of

Storytelling. He enjoys researching

historical events and presents them in

a storytelling format, personalizing the characters to add impact to the story.

Ron 2.jpg

Ron Getz
Port Hope, ON

(905) 885-8989


Ron grew up with the storytelling traditions of the Ottawa Valley. He loves telling tales of a Valley childhood and stories drawn from the rich mine of Canadian history. He specializes in programs built around a theme.

Daniel Healy February 24, 2019 Image 049

Daniel Healy
Oshawa, ON

Daniel Healy taught English

Literature for 33 years in Toronto.

He tells stories and delivers recitations with a fine Irish brogue. Like many an Irishman, Daniel loves a good story.


Sharon Henry
Oshawa, ON

Sharon is a long-time member of

Durham Storytellers. She enjoys telling historical stories, but especially takes pleasure in relating memorable  personal, family stories.

Marg - cropped.jpg

Marg Kropf
Cobourg, ON

Marg is an actor who tells stories

and poems with flair in both English

and French. Marg specializes in French Canadian folktales. She has expanded her French language tales to include those of Louisiana.

Rensia 2021.jpg

Rensia Melles
Pickering, ON

Rensia Melles believes that storytelling can bring people together and open minds to new perspectives. Rensia regularly tells and hosts 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling in Toronto. She told at Mezrab Café in Amsterdam, at the Ottawa gathering, and with the York Storytellers’ Guild.

Kim 3.jpg

Kim Michele
Pickering, ON

"A bard sang and played the lyre, they danced with merry twinkling feet" Kim blends her enchanting voice with the sounds of the ancient harp. As a musical troubadour, she combines story, music and song to create a variety of programming.

Angelica 2021 - cropped.jpg

Angelica Ottewill
Havelock, ON

Angelica Ottewill is a classically trained harpist and vocalist, who combines the art of storytelling with music. Her repertoire includes medieval, Celtic and historical stories, as well as folktales from many cultures. Angelica can be contacted through her website. She also has YouTube videos.

Sheila 2.jpeg

Sheila Ryan
Courtice, ON

Sheila has been telling stories,

throughout her career as a teacher, and also as a performer, for 30 years. She specializes in classic stories of wonder, awe and mystery.

Summi 5.jpg

Summi Siddiqui
Ajax, ON

Author-Poet-Teacher – Motivational speaker-Artist-Performer – Travelling Storyteller… Summi Siddiqui travels around the world connecting cultures. She has organized lectures, workshops

in Toronto, abroad and in British Council Centers. With her stories, poems, paintings, performance, she hopes to inspire the younger generation towards oral storytelling.


Kathleen Smyth
Bowmanville, ON

Kathleen has been telling stories most of her life, as both a writer and a storyteller. She enjoys recanting stories about historical characters, especially strong women. Kathleen loves tales from her Irish and Scottish heritage. She enjoys telling personal stories that amuse, inform, and inspire. Kathleen likes to help others to embrace the stories within them.

Judith 2021.jpg

Judith Shaw
Oshawa, ON

Judith believes that there is magic in words that are spoken, either through poetry or storytelling. She feels the words capture her heart; ignites a desire to combine words of her own; and share her creations openly with others. Judith finds her journey into storytelling...enchanting!

Stella 3.jpg

Stella Sloan
Pickering, ON

Stella believes that every person has a special story to share that is fun, inspirational and/or educational. She expresses her life experiences with seasonal, cultural and family stories. Since her early twenties, she has incorporated storytelling in her career as an educator. Stella enjoys listening to and telling stories to all ages.

Heather 2.jpg

Heather Whaley
Bowmanville, ON

Heather is a seasoned musical performer, who presents original, contemporary, folk, and blues music, combined with relatable traditional tales, self penned family and personal stories, songs, and traditional ballad singing. Her pre-school and school age children’s programs are a lively mix of story songs, music and tales of virtue.

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